Are you lacking the time to keep up with the Payroll? 
Let us help you work smarter, grow your business
and have a life!

Be Smart Bookkeeping Reports are customised for your specific needs and include:

  • General Payroll – This includes setting up wage and salary rates, checking industry awards and ensuring that your staff are paid with the correct rates and for the exact amount of hours worked.
  • PAYG Withholdings – This is the case where any business that pays employees or has employees of another business must withhold an amount from payments made to them.
  • Entitlements – calculation of leave including personal, holiday, rostered days off and long service.
  • Payroll Tax, Employment Forms, Workers Compensation Insurance – all or some of these may be needed for your business.
  • Industry Relevant Information– relating to HR legislation, conditions and employment agreements.
  • Providing payroll reporting– termination payments, group certificates, EFT wages/salary, end of year payroll reconciliations.

Don’t forget that Superannuation needs to be calculated and paid. If these contributions are not made at least once every 3 months penalties for late payments apply can be severe.